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Vocabulary Test
Italian - productive


Test your productive vocabulary in Italian.
How many of the 5000 most frequent Italian words do you know?

Your time limit for this quiz is 25 minutes.
Work without a dictionary.

What do my results mean?

After submitting all tasks the page "Test Results" will open automatically. Click on "More Details" and you will find your results.

For each item you answer correctly you are awarded one point. If you enter a wrong answer or leave a blank you are not awarded any points. For each level (1000 most frequent words, 2000 most frequent words etc.) you can reach a maximum of 18 points.

If you reach a minimum of 80%, that is 14 points or more for one level, you’ve successfully completed that level.



You know the 1000 most frequent Italian words, but still have some work to do on the next level (1001-2000).

The word lists containing the vocabulary the test is based on, have been published by Cornelsen:
Tschirner, Erwin (2010): Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz Italienisch nach Themen. Berlin: Cornelsen.
After completing
the quiz

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